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2014 Syrah Cuvée Classique

Winemaker's Notes

While it combines elements of both the old and new world, our Syrah leans more toward what you would expect from France’s Rhone Valley – hence the name. While its sibling Cuvée Violette showcases the floral, graceful and perfumed side of Syrah, Cuvée Classique shows the dark, savoury, spicy and powerful side of this noble grape variety. The wine is nuanced and elegant, yet structured in its youth. In 2014, black peppercorn, game meat, cured meat and a mélange of wild berries, bacon fat, black olives and smoke form the aromatic and flavour profiles of this wine. There is more weight, more prominent tannins, and a longer aging curve for the 2014 vintage (similar to 2012), especially when compared to the graceful, linear and elegant wines that came out of 2010 and 2011.


Centuries ago the black pepper spice trade launched voyages, wars, and epic tales. Today we suggest trying a black pepper crusted New York steak paired with this wine to fill the air with all that peppery goodness.

Since the grill is hot, you can put on the marinated pork shoulder chops, a little lower heat and slower cooking, and proceed to Le Vieux Pin Syrah Cuvée Classique for some seriously rich, dark red berry fruits, tobacco, chocolate, a hint of violet. Unbelievably long finish, and meant for slow sipping over a long dinner.

Jim Tobler  |  Montecristo Magazine  |  Tasted: Spring 2016

93 points

This is a very deep, ripe, classic south Okanagan syrah with real Rhonish, or south of France character. Expect a huge ripe dark cherry, peppery, licorice and violet nose. It is rich, firm and notably mineral and spicy on the palate – drop dead gorgeous. Lovely in-filled and elegant texture. Excellent to outstanding length. This will age well ten years if you can keep your hands off.

David Lawrason  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: Feb 2016

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