April 2015 | Events

A South American Dining Journey

A true wine aficionado cannot be just a wine lover. In fact, we’re fairly certain most wine lovers have a love of gastronomy -the art and science of food and beverages – and this is what peaks our interest and excites us.
So when one of the worldwide leaders of nouveau cuisine (Chef Carlos) came to Vancouver, we did not miss the chance to experience his food! All the way from Venezuela, Chef Carlos along with Chef Jefferson Alvarez, were in the city for a special dining event at the Secret Location Restaurant. Chef Carlos (of the well renowned restaurant, ALTO—located in Caracas, Venezuela) took guests on a culinary journey with 10-courses each inspiring and mind bending in their own unique way. Both chefs were very gracious, but especially Chef Carlos (pictured below) when we asked for a photo with our gift to him to take back as a souvenir, the 2012 Syrah Cuvée Classique. We wanted to make sure fellow food and wine lovers back in Venezuela knew about us, our unique and small wine region of South Okanagan and the amazing quality of our wines coming from the worlds northern most desert.
We of course took the opportunity to share what we do with Chef Carlos. He tried our wine, and was as most people are: taken by surprise of what Canada can do with wine. So much so, that Chef Carlos expressed sincere interest in working with our wine back home in Venezuela! So stay tuned for updates… (we are already engaging with some importers there).
That’s winery life for you. Over a glass of wine, this giant planet of ours is turned into a small village, doors are opened and we humans connect in deep, sincere and meaningful ways.


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