September 2020 |

michael godel: 2018 syrah violette

Gateway not just to syrah but essentially the entire Le Vieux Pin Okanagan world order. Rarely can a varietal wine like this be just as aromatically precocious as meat juicy and the juxtaposition is radiant yet seamless in its joint behaviour. Violets (o[f] course) are in full bloom, a resting dry-aged steak spills pulchritudinous juices and one sip smacks lips and teases more, more and more. Everything here lines up, one after another, connecting tissue elastic and tying the entire thread together as one. Yes there is a slight rubbery reductiveness though it only serves to preserve freshness, add a waft of liquid smoke, then grind a proper salt and pepper seasoning over the gastronomy of the oeuvre. Telling stuff and worth every penny. Drink 2020-2026.

Value Rating:5/5