June 2015 | General

Nova Scotia opens it’s borders to BC Wine

It’s pretty crazy to think that it’s ‘illegal’ to order wine from a Canadian winery and have it shipped to your home. But it’s an actual fact – most provinces in Canada simply don’t allow this. These laws date back to the prohibition period, and are in place to date even though this is a 6.8 billion dollar industry in Canada.

But things are changing in Nova Scotia…

A recent change in the law has opened Nova Scotia to direct shipping. Effective immediately, Nova Scotia residents of legal drinking age may now purchase 100% Canadian wine directly from a licensed out-of-province winery and have it shipped to their homes for personal consumption.

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British Columbia and Manitoba were the first to open their borders to Canadian Wineries, and now Nova Scotia has followed. It’s great news, but there is still a long way to go until all Canadian provinces open their borders.

Here is a recent article celebrating Nova Scotia’s new law: Wine Trade Barriers Between Nova Scotia and B.C. Removed