January 2015 | Recipes

Pairing Quail with Syrah Cuvée Classique


Today’s Wine & Food Pairing is from Rasoul (our Sales & Marketing Manager):

Wine – Syrah Cuvée Classique

Food – Rasoul’s recipe suggestion is a Pink Peppercorn and Fennel Seed Stuffed Quail Roast.

Recipe courtesy of Fabio Viviani.


Quail, Stuffed with Fennel & Roasted Pepper Forcemeat, Grated Cauliflower, Carmelized Brussel Sprouts with a Bourbon Reduction

•4 Ea. Whole Boneless Quail
•1 T. Rosemary
•1 T. Sage
•1 T. Dijon Mustard
For the Forcemeat:
•1/2 Lbs. Ground Chicken
•1 Ea. Red Bell Pepper (roasted, seeded, skinned & diced)
•1 Ea. Fennel Bulb (julienned & caramelized)
•1 Tsp. Fennel Seed (toasted & grinded)
•1 Tsp. Coriander Seed (toasted & grinded)
•1 Tsp. Black Peppercorn (toasted & grinded)
•1 T. Garlic (minced)
•1 T. Parsley (chopped)
For the Caramelized Brussels Sprouts & Cauliflower:
•1 Lbs. Brussels Sprouts (cut in half & blanched)
•1/2 Ea. Head of Cauliflower (purple, golden, white) grated
For the Bourbon Reduction:
•2 C. Bourbon
•4 T. Unsalted Butter
•1/2 C. Veal demi glacé

For the Forcemeat & the Quail: In a large bowl mix together all ingredients. Place into a piping bag & stuff quail not too much as it will come out of the bottom. Fold legs & wings across each other & tie with butcher’s twine (this will help keep filling inside). Season quail with olive oil, dijon mustard, & herbs. Roast quail at 350 degrees until golden brown & chicken in middle is cooked through about 30-45 minutes.
For the Caramelized Brussels Sprouts & Cauliflower: Heat up a large sauté pan until smoking. Add a little bit of olive oil & caramelize Brussels sprouts. Toward the end add cauliflower & season with salt & pepper.
For the Bourbon Reduction: Add bourbon to a sauce pot & cook at medium to high heat, careful as the liquid might ignite (if this does happen no problem just make sure nothing catches on fire). Once liquid has reduced by 3/4 turn heat to medium low & slowly add butter whisking until nice & thick. Add veal demi glacé & season with salt & pepper.
To Plate: Place Brussels sprouts & cauliflower in middle of plate. Top with crispy quail & drizzle sauce top & around the plate. Serve & enjoy.