2008 Équinoxe Merlot

2008 Équinoxe Merlot

Équinoxe: equal day, equal night. Equal old world, equal new world.

Our Équinoxe Merlot (previously labeled as Apogee Merlot Reserve) comes from a very specific block of 16 year old vines on the south end of the Golden Mile.

Since 2005 (the first vintage of this wine), the results seem to show that regardless of the vintage, the resulting wine is always intense with firm tannins. With morning sun and afternoon shade, acidity is always harmonious and keeps the wine from being flat or overbearing. The nose is dancing with a myriad of nuances. The flavors on the palate transform into plum and blackberry with a very long finish of espresso and mocha. A truly impressive wine.

The calibre of fruit and style of winemaking leads to a wine that should age gracefully for 10+ years
in a proper cellar.

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