2010 Petit Rouge

2010 Petit Rouge

Made from the fruit of younger vines and those cropped at an average of 3.5 tons/acre, Petit Rouge offers a big bang for your buck. The exact blend component might change from vintage to vintage, but the character and personality of this wine remains the same: soft, round, fruity and meant for enjoying now or in the near future while your bigger constructed reds are aging away in the cellar.

2010 blend consists of mostly Syrah with small amounts of Merlot and Cabernet Franc added to lower the alcohol, soften the palate and make for a more complex red.

  • This beauty goes well with so many different dishes. While it is perfectly fine to drink on its own, it is at the dinner table with food that this wine will shine brightly.

    Enjoy it with pork chops glazed with macerated red cherry sauce or with a pรขtรฉ & charcuterie board.

    Vegan enchiladas or a hearty ratatouille on brisk fall evenings are perfect companions too!

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