2011 Équinoxe Chardonnay

2011 Équinoxe Chardonnay

Équinoxe: equal day, equal night. Equal heat of the day, equal cold of the night. Equal new world, equal old world.

2011 was a long and cool growing season without the extreme daytime heat the South Okanagan is known for. This resulted in grapes that achieved full phenolic ripeness at record low sugar levels (and thus low alcohol levels). South Okanagan had an amazing fall with mild weather which gave us the luxury of a seven week long picking window. 2011 goes into the history book as an atypical, yet very welcome vintage.

Many factors contribute to the majesty of this wine: low yields, old vines, cool micro climate, prolonged fermentation and aging on the lees in the finest, most nuanced, French oak barrels. Severine cared for these 3 barrels like her own children and crafted a Chardonnay that is both elegant and structured. This is a wine that merits cellaring.

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