2011 Équinoxe Merlot

2011 Équinoxe Merlot

Reserved for Wine Society and Wine Club only. Limited to 3 bottle per order.

Équinoxe: equal day, equal night. Equal new world, equal old world.

2011 was a long and cool growing season without the extreme daytime heat the South Okanagan is known for. This resulted in grapes that achieved full phenolic ripeness at record low sugar levels (and thus low alcohol levels). South Okanagan had an amazing fall with mild weather which gave us the luxury of a seven week long picking window. 2011 goes into the history book as an atypical, yet very welcome vintage.

Our Équinoxe Merlot is sourced from a specific block of 19 year old vines on the south end of the Golden Mile.

Since 2005 (the first vintage of this wine) the wines resulting from this special vineyard show great flavour intensity and firm tannins, regardless of the vintage. Morning sun and afternoon shade allows the grapes to retain acidity that is harmonious and keeps the wine from being flat or overbearing. The nose dances with a myriad of nuances and flavours and the palate highlights plum and blackberry with a very long finish of espresso and mocha. This is a truly impressive wine and one that in our stable of wines requires the longest time in the cellar to show you all its layers.