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2012 Le Cycliste Blanc

Winemaker's Notes

Since the first year of Granfondo Okanagan, Le Vieux Pin has been the official mid way rest station and an important sponsor and supporter of this fantastic event. After watching the popularity of the race growing tremendously year after year, we were approached by the organizers to craft a unique wine that commemorates and celebrates  the dedication and commitment of the riders. We are always up for such a task as in many ways we share the same spirit and philosophy of what the Granfondo riders thrive on: a drive to excellence, filled with passion, tear, sweat and hard work.

With a focus on Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, Cuvée “Le Cycliste” is a white field blend that has weight, body and bright aromatics. It can be paired with food, or simply chilled and enjoyed with friends.

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