Winemaker's Notes

A mere 117 cases (5 barrels) of Rétouche were bottled in 2014. Rétouche pays homage to the historical practice of “Hermitaging” wines in Bordeaux during the 1800’s. Winemakers in Bordeaux added Syrah (often from the famous vineyards in Hermitage) to their wines to add warmth, roundness and comfort-characters sometimes missing from the structured, powerful Cabernet Sauvi- gnon and Bordeaux Blends in general.

It would be incorrect to simply call Rétouche a Cab/Merlot/Syrah (CMS as they call it in parts of the new world). We conducted dozens of trials with various barrel samples and different percentages of Syrah to achieve the result we were looking for (Syrah acting as invisible marionette strings to bring cabernet to life). In the end, we succeeded, adding only enough Syrah (15%) from the right parcel to our Bordeaux blend that it sits invisibly behind the Cabernet/Merlot blend filling in the gaps. After all, it wasn’t until the late 1900s that the world learned about this fraudulent practice in Bordeaux.

Please note prices do not include applicable taxes or bottle deposit (PST 10% and GST 5%)


South Western French dishes are a natural fit with the slightly spicy flavours of the Pyrenees. Braised rabbit and prune, sweetbreads and Perigord black truffles are all lovely matches.

Region:64% Golden Mile, 21% North Oliver, 15% Osoyoos Lake district
Age of Vines:6 to 29 years old; most in their late teens
Yield:Average of 2.3 tons/acre
Production:117 cases
Aging:17 months on 100% French oak barrels, 0% new, 64% one fill, 21% 2 fill, 15% neutral

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