2014 Sauvignon Blanc

2014 Sauvignon Blanc

2014 was the second warmest year since 1998 for South Okanagan. 2014 vintage saw above to way above average summer temperatures. July and October where were way above last year but September was lower than the last 3 years, hence pushing for better phenolic ripeness was not a concern or at risk of gaining high alcohol. Overall, 2014 vintage will be remembered as a very hot one and it had an impact on the yields: the tonnage we got were lower than the tonnage excepted mostly because of thicker skins and smaller berried. The wines are concentrated, with a very good ripe tannic structure.

The 2014 sauvignon blanc shows that beautiful balance between the gooseberry, herbaceous and the tropical side of sauvignon. Guava and passion fruit notes resulting from grapes grown on thin soil of our sun drenched steep slope in “aurore” block greet you on the nose. The partial skin contact before pressing along with use of both stainless steel, new and neutral oak and different elevage regime for each vessel resulted in a complex wine that is a pleasure for both the palate and the intellect. A truly unique wine that captures the spirit and geo location of our sub region.


  • Meat-Based
    Oysters on the half shell topped with lemon and pepper-infused vodka or frisée salad dressed with lardon and soft-boiled quail’s egg are some of our favourites.

    Falafels with cucumber and mint sauce or cucumber, avocado sushi rolls topped with mango or papaya and a guava or passionfruit vinaigrette sauce drizzle.

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