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2021 Équinoxe Viognier

2021 Équinoxe Viognier

*** Wine Club Exclusive***


Flowery, Stone Fruits, Honeysuckle, Rich, Aromatic, Long Finish, Balanced


Équinoxe: equal day, equal night. Equal heat of the day, equal cool of the night. Equal old world, equal new world.

A 100% Viognier wine from Le Vieux Pin. After nearly a decade of growing these precious grapes, we finally realized the potential of a very special subplot we are growing these vines on. A measly output only, but what a jewel of a wine. The Nose is a myriad of crushed rocks mingling with exotic tropical notes and even more exotic floral nectars. There is an intriguing saline note in the wine which keeps the fruit/floral dance composed and restrained. On the palate, the wine enters with lushness but quickly pulls back with a solid spine of acidity and dry extract. Never overbearing nor lacking. Equinoxe Viognier is a wine that manages to hit that sweet spot of taking the very best of both the old world and the new world. Salut!

  • Meat-Based
    Poached lobster, sea bass or smoked salmon and tropical fruit sushi rolls are great pairings, and for those meat lovers quail or simple roast chicken dishes.

    Raw Thai salad with mango and green papaya or cauliflower tacos with mango-habanero salsa.

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