2021 Syrah Cuvée Classique

2021 Syrah Cuvée Classique


Bramble, Meaty, Spicy, Savoury, Rosemary, Brooding, Intense


While it combines elements of both the old and new world, our Syrah Cuvee Classique leans more toward what you would expect from France’s Rhone Valley – hence the name. While its sibling Cuvée Violette showcases the floral, graceful and perfumed side of Syrah, Cuvée Classique shows the dark, savoury, spicy and powerful side of this noble grape variety. The wine is nuanced and elegant, yet structured in its youth.

In 2021, there is more depth, concentration and a subtle exotic note due to the heat dome phenomenon and low-yield growing season. White and black peppercorn, rusted iron, dark purple bramble fruit, a touch of black olives and aromatic kitchen herbs make up the aromatic and flavour profiles of this wine. Subtle sage smoke and rosemary-crusted steak notes from distant forest fires add to the allure of the profile. There is a great balance between the components already albeit the wine is on the young side. Syrah Cuvee Classiquec can be enjoyed in youth or tucked away for the mid or even long-term.